ellie + prince harry @ the invictus games closing ceremony | 09.14.14

Ellie Goulding & Prince Harry backstage @ The Invictus Games


I hate to make sappy, personal posts but I was sorting through some of my Ellie pictures earlier today and came across this screenshot and it was something that I really needed to see. Sometimes, it’s so easy to feel insignificant, like nothing around you matters and that you’re all alone in this world. But, I feel like it’s important to remember that you’re not alone—that you matter simply because you exist. This tweet reminded me of that today, Ellie reminded me of that and I just wanted to share that with y’all. I see things on my dash sometimes and I just wish I could hug you all because I see many of you going through so many struggles. So, if you’re actually reading this and you feel alone or helpless, I want you to know that you’re not either of those things. There are people out there who love and care about you so much. Please remember that. Stay strong, y’all—it’s gonna be better. :)